.ZSH-THEME File Extension

Z Shell Theme File

ZSH-THEME files customize the Z shell's appearance. The Z shell is an alternative to Bash. ZSH-THEME files use the Oh My Zsh extension. Oh My Zsh stores themes in the ~/ .oh-my-zsh/ themes directory. ...

General Information

Title ZSH Theme File Extension
Extension .zsh-theme
Full Form Z Shell Theme File
File Type Configuration File
Developer Z Shell Community
MIME Type text/plain

File Function

Primary Function Customize prompt
Additional Functions Configure appearance
Features Theme configuration, Shell personalization

File Characteristics

Quality Text-based
Supports Layers N/A
Supports Transparency N/A
Editable Yes

Use Cases

Terminal Customization Yes
User Interface Enhancement
Developer Productivity Yes

Security and Practices

Security Risks Script injection
Best Practices Source review, Secure themes

Historical/Version Information

Initial Release Varies
Latest Version Dependent on theme

Associated Types

Similar Extensions .zshrc, .zsh, .zlogin, .zlogout, .zprofile, .zshenv

Software Compatibility

Software Usage Policy OS Compatibility
Oh My Zsh Free Windows, Mac, Linux
Antigen Free Unix-like
Zplug Free Unix-like