.ZAB File Extension

Files with the .ZAB extension contain audio data - an audiobook compressed into a ZIP file. The compression makes large files easier to move and send as it limits space. A ZAB file allows listening to...

General Information

File Function

Title ZAB File Function
Primary Function Backup archive
Additional Functions Data restoration

File Characteristics

Title ZAB File Characteristics
Quality High compression
Supports Encryption Yes
Editable No

Use Cases

Title ZAB Use Cases
Email Backup Yes
Server Migration Yes
Data Recovery Yes

Security and Practices

Title ZAB Security and Practices
Security Risks Low, if encrypted
Best Practices Regular backup, Secure storage

Historical/Version Information

Title ZAB Historical/Version Information
Introduced with Zimbra 8.x
Relevant Versions Zimbra 8.x, 9.x

Associated Types

Title ZAB Associated Types
Similar Extensions .tgz, .zip

Software Compatibility

Software Usage Policy OS Compatibility
Zimbra Collaboration Suite Commercial, Open source Linux, Mac