.XDELTA File Extension

VCDIFF Delta File

The xdelta file extension is used for Xdelta differential compression tools. Xdelta compresses files like patches. The product seems obsolete. The xdelta file format is not supported anymore. The .xde...

General Information

Title XDELTA File Extension
Extension .xdelta
Full Form VCDIFF Delta File
File Type Binary Patch File
Developer Josh MacDonald
MIME Type application/octet-stream

File Function

Primary Function Store binary diffs
Additional Functions Patch application
Features Delta encoding, Binary diff

File Characteristics

Quality Efficient storage
Supports Layers N/A
Supports Transparency N/A
Editable No

Use Cases

Software Updates Yes
Data Synchronization Yes
Backup Systems Yes

Security and Practices

Security Risks Altered patches
Best Practices Verify integrity, Secure transmission

Historical/Version Information

Initial Release 1997
Latest Version xdelta3 (2021)

Associated Types

Similar Extensions .diff, .patch

Software Compatibility

Software Usage Policy OS Compatibility
xdelta Free Windows, Mac, Linux
VCDIFF Standard Implementation-dependent