.TRASHES File Extension

A .TRASHES folder stores deleted files on a flash drive. To free space, delete it. The TRASHES extension belongs to the Misc Files category with 6033 other formats. Google Android software handles the...

General Information

File Function

Title .Trashes File Extension
Primary Function Store deleted files
Additional Functions Recycle bin mechanism
Features Hidden, System-level

File Characteristics

Visibility Hidden by default
Supports Compression No
Supports Encryption No
Editable Not directly

Use Cases

File Deletion Yes
Data Recovery Possible
System Maintenance Yes

Security and Practices

Security Risks Data leakage
Best Practices Regular emptying, Secure delete

Historical/Version Information

Associated With HFS+, APFS
File System Evolution Mac OS Extended, APFS

Associated Types

Similar Mechanisms .DS_Store, .Spotlight-V100

Software Compatibility

Software Usage Policy OS Compatibility
Finder Built-in macOS
macOS Utilities Built-in macOS