.SLA File Extension

Scribus Layout File

The SLA file extension is used by multiple programs. To open an SLA file, use the program it is associated with. For example, use Scribus for Scribus SLA files. Using the right program ensures the fil...

General Information

Title SLA File Extension
Extension .sla
Full Form Scribus Layout File
File Type Vector Graphic Layout
Developer The Scribus Team
MIME Type application/vnd.scribus

File Function

Primary Function Desktop Publishing
Additional Functions Layout design, Print preparation
Features Text formatting, Image embedding

File Characteristics

Quality High-resolution
Supports Layers Yes
Supports Transparency Yes
Editable Yes

Use Cases

Magazines Yes
Brochures Yes
Books Yes
Flyers Yes

Security and Practices

Security Risks Low
Best Practices Regular updates, File validation

Historical/Version Information

Initial Release 2003
Latest Version Scribus 1.5.8 (2021)

Associated Types

Similar Extensions .pdf, .ai, .indd, .eps

Software Compatibility

Software Usage Policy OS Compatibility
Scribus Free, Open-Source Windows, Mac, Linux