.MIDI File Extension

Musical Instrument Digital Interface

The data can be stored in a binary file. It can be nibbilized, 7-bit-ized for MIDI transmission. It can be converted to Hex ASCII. Or it can be translated to a printable text file. This spec addresses...

General Information

Title MIDI File Extension
Extension .midi
Full Form Musical Instrument Digital Interface
File Type Audio File Format
Developer MIDI Manufacturers Association
MIME Type audio/midi, audio/x-midi

File Function

Primary Function Store musical notation
Additional Functions Playback control, Sequencing
Features Time-stamped events, Protocol

File Characteristics

Quality Not audio
Supports Layers Channels
Supports Transparency N/A
Editable Yes

Use Cases

Music Production Yes
Live Performances Yes
Educational Tools Yes

Security and Practices

Security Risks Low risk
Best Practices Regular updates, Trusted sources

Historical/Version Information

Initial Release 1983
Latest Standard MIDI 2.0 (2020)

Associated Types

Similar Extensions .mid, .rmi, .kar

Software Compatibility

Software Usage Policy OS Compatibility
Ableton Live Paid, Trial Windows, Mac
FL Studio Paid, Trial Windows, Mac
GarageBand Free Mac, iOS