.MDMP File Extension

Mini Dump File

Learn about the MDMP file extension. These are Windows Minidump files developed by Microsoft. They are used by Visual Studio for diagnostics. To open MDMP files, select File → Open Project in Visual...

General Information

Title MDMP File Extension
Extension .mdmp
Full Form Mini Dump File
File Type Binary File
Developer Microsoft
MIME Type application/octet-stream

File Function

Primary Function Store crash reports
Additional Functions Debugging, Analysis
Features Binary data, Compressed

File Characteristics

Quality Technical data
Supports Layers N/A
Supports Transparency N/A
Editable No

Use Cases

Crash Analysis Yes
Software Debugging Yes
Error Reporting Yes

Security and Practices

Security Risks Sensitive data exposure
Best Practices Restrict access, Secure storage

Historical/Version Information

Associated with Windows XP, Newer systems
Evolution From full dumps to mini dumps

Associated Types

Similar Extensions .dmp, .hdmp

Software Compatibility

Software Usage Policy OS Compatibility
WinDbg Free Windows
Visual Studio Free, Paid versions Windows, Mac
BlueScreenView Free Windows