.IPSW File Extension

iPhone Software

IPSW archives store encrypted .DMG files. One .DMG file stores the file system contents. Tools like VFDecrypt, iDecrypt, and iDecryptIt can decrypt this file. IPSW images are downloaded by iTunes. iTu...

General Information

Title IPSW File Extension
Extension .ipsw
Full Form iPhone Software
File Type Device Firmware File
Developer Apple Inc.
MIME Type application/x-itunes-ipsw

File Function

Primary Function iOS updates
Additional Functions Restore, Upgrade firmware
Features Encrypted, Signed

File Characteristics

Quality High
Supports Layers N/A
Supports Transparency N/A
Editable No

Use Cases

iOS Installation Yes
Software Restoration Yes
Jailbreaking Sometimes

Security and Practices

Security Risks Modified IPSW
Best Practices Official download, Verify checksum

Historical/Version Information

Initial Release 2007
Latest Version Depends on iOS

Associated Types

Similar Extensions .dmg, .shsh, .ipcc

Software Compatibility

Software Usage Policy OS Compatibility
iTunes Free Windows, Mac
Finder (macOS Catalina and later) Free Mac