.HEVC File Extension

High Efficiency Video Coding

General Information

Title HEVC File Extension
Extension .hevc
Full Form High Efficiency Video Coding
File Type Video File
Developer Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG)
MIME Type video/hevc

File Function

Primary Function Store video
Additional Functions Streaming, Broadcasting
Features High compression, 4K support

File Characteristics

Quality High
Supports Layers N/A
Supports Transparency No
Editable With editing software

Use Cases

Online Streaming Yes
Digital TV Yes
Ultra HD Content Yes

Security and Practices

Security Risks Piracy, Codec misuse
Best Practices Legal distribution, Updated codecs

Historical/Version Information

Initial Release 2013
Latest Version HEVC 2nd Edition (2019)

Associated Types

Similar Extensions .mp4, .mkv, .ts, .avi

Software Compatibility

Software Usage Policy OS Compatibility
VLC Media Player Free Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
PotPlayer Free Windows
MX Player Free Android, iOS