.EXO File Extension

YouTube Video Chunk File

An EXO file is a video chunk used by the YouTube Android app for offline video playback. EXO files open automatically in the YouTube Android app. Some EXO files can convert to MCS formats. The .EXO ...

General Information

Title EXO File Extension
Extension .exo
Full Form YouTube Video Chunk File
File Type Video File
Developer YouTube
MIME Type application/octet-stream

File Function

Primary Function Store video chunks
Additional Functions Stream videos
Features Encrypted, Temporal

File Characteristics

Quality Varies
Supports Layers No
Supports Transparency No
Editable No

Use Cases

Video Streaming Yes
Offline Viewing Yes
User Editing No

Security and Practices

Security Risks Low
Best Practices App update, Data cleanup

Historical/Version Information

Related to YouTube updates
File System Update As needed

Associated Types

Similar Extensions N/A

Software Compatibility

Software Usage Policy OS Compatibility
YouTube App Free Android
No Direct Compatibility N/A N/A